Calm things down the natural way

Fresh Farmacy

Facial Soap

Calm things down the natural way
Fresh Farmacy beruhigender Gesichtsreiniger Seife

Every ingredient is carefully selected for its gentleness on the skin, with chamomile, elderflower, calamine and lavender; this is nature at its kindest.

In order to make this soap gentle enough to use on your face as well as your body, we took out some of the soap base and replaced it with beautiful essential oils: chamomile blue oil is soothing on the skin; lavender oil calms the mind; tea tree oil is a mild antiseptic and rose absolute is good for restoring balance to the skin.

19 Inhaltsstoffe
Beruhigend und tonisierend
Lavender oil
ausgleichend und beruhigend

*Kommt natürlich in ätherischen Ölen vor

Wir testen unsere fertigen Produkte nicht an Tieren. Alle Rohstoffe stammen von Zulieferern, die auf Tierversuche verzichten. Mehr

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