Pop your cork

Limited Edition

Buck's Fizz

Body Conditioner

Pop your cork
Ein oranger, cremiger Body Conditioner

Nur für kurze Zeit: Gratis Versand ab einem Bestellwert von 75€

A Buck's Fizz breakfast boost packed full of organic jojoba and Kalahari melon oils.

Celebrate your skin with butters and oils to leave you feeling a little light headed! Uplifting Brazilian orange oil, pink grapefruit decoction and cognac oil help your morning go off with a bang, or should that be pop?

You gotta pop the top,
And then you gotta shower down,
‘Cause if you believe that
the Fizz can cheer you up,
Make the bathroom your playground!
And soon you will find,
That fresh grapefruit, Brazilian orange and lime,
Are waking your mind up!

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